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The Yuba Sutter Healthcare Council & Foundation is leading the prevention and intervention of overdoses and deaths caused by opioids, fentanyl, or drugs within Yuba and Sutter communities.  The YSHCF established 2020 the Community Overdose Prevention Efforts (COPE), which are a core team, partners, a community of leaders, healthcare professionals, first responders, hospitals and clinics staff, educators, public health, stakeholders, and the community working together to combat opioid-related overdoses and deaths.

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COPE Awareness
Community overdose prevention efforts
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Teamwork as we assemble Narcan Kits with some of our Point of Distribution (POD) Managers.

COPE quarterly meeting

COPE Quarterly Meeting to unite efforts to educate and inform our Yuba-Sutter community leaders about overdose cases and Narcan Distribution. 

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Peach Tree Festival

Marysville Peach Tree Festival July 14-15 


More than 175 community members were briefly trained and educated on the importance of Saving a Life due to an opioid overdose! 

Yuba Sutter Healthcare Council & Foundation partnership in action. 


The Yuba County Fentanyl Task Force is comprised of multiple agencies working in a united effort to increase awareness of the dangers of Fentanyl abuse. The task force provides training for Narcan use and distribution. Together, we can empower and educate our community to make responsible decisions.

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YSHCF Partner: David Houser from Harmony Health doing COPE training at Yuba College.

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Virtual Naloxne Narcan Trainig

Virtual Naloxone/Narcan Training 

YSHCF Partner: Please note this is a virtual Train the trainer session to educate others on how to prevent an opioid overdose and save lives in our community using Naloxone/Narcan.
This session will be held in Spanish on August 24, 2023.

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