The Yuba-Sutter Healthcare Council shall bring healthcare leaders and other stakeholders together to leverage community resources to encourage and promote a healthy region.


We are the healthiest region in California

Our Values:

The Yuba Sutter Healthcare Council values ACCESS:

A clean environment

Collaboration with partners and community engagement

Compassion and service to others

Education and advocacy

Supporting greater access through provider recruitment

Strategic evaluation of research and trends for continued improvement

Duties and Functions

The Council shall:

1.  Identify and implement methods to ensure adequate financial support for local healthcare,

2.  Promote appropriate use of local health facilities to members of the community,

3.  Attract individuals and businesses to the community to fill identified healthcare needs, including    

     workforce, services and supplies,

4.  Promote training of new and established healthcare personnel,

5.  Speak with a unified voice in Sacramento on healthcare issues, and

6.  Take no action in areas where members compete.