Established in 2003, The Yuba-Sutter Healthcare Council is a network of healthcare professionals and community members united in providing comprehensive care and advocacy.  It also helps patients successfully navigate the local healthcare system to connect with providers. Together our board members have the ability to network, eliminating hurdles that once existed in our local healthcare system.  As we work together to identify challenges with access to comprehensive healthcare, we continue to make meaningful advances and streamline policies on a local level. When healthcare organizations communicate, patients win!

The Yuba-Sutter Healthcare Council has identified some of the most pressing healthcare issues facing the residents of Yuba and Sutter Counties and is working to overcome these challenges.  A primary focus of the Council is developing solutions to address the opioid epidemic facing many individuals and families in our community.  As our team of healthcare professionals adopts standardized treatments for opioid addiction, we are committed to helping individuals and families through the recovery process.

We know general and specialized healthcare can be stressful for ailing patients and their families.  If you or a family member have experienced issues with accessing necessary medical treatment, we invite you to reach out to us through our "Contact" page to share your unique story.  While we aren't a referral mechanism, we can discuss solutions to your specific challenges.