You are the reason we advocate


Pronunciation: /advəkət/
1.  A person who publicly supports or recommends a
     particular cause or policy.
2.  A person who pleads on someone else's behalf.

The Yuba-Sutter Healthcare Council is giving a voice to those facing serious healthcare issues and encountering challenges to accessing the care and treatment they need.  We do this through local, regional and statewide advocacy, working with local, regional and state officials to mitigate prohibitive policies, including red tape.  

Over the past two years our membership has increased exponentially and our board members are highly dedicated to this cause. 

We are confident that through advocacy, we can effectively improve access to healthcare for every resident of Yuba and Sutter Counties. You are the reason we advocate.


  • Collaboration/Engagement/Education 

  • Opioid Treatment (MAT)

Governing Board Committees:

  • Bylaws/Governance

  • Grants/Action Plans Committee

  • Recruitment/Marketing Committee

Our 2019 Goals:

To tackle the growing problem of opioid overdoses and over-use in Yuba and Sutter Counties by gathering multiple stakeholders to assess and create solutions focusing on the three federal priority areas of safe prescribing practices, medication-assisted treatments and increasing access to naloxone.