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The Yuba Sutter Healthcare Council is a non-profit consortium of healthcare providers and others interested in promoting healthcare as a viable industry in the Yuba Sutter region. We are working with our community to optimize the use of our limited healthcare resources. We are currently focused on health IT and health information exchange, community wellness, and promoting health careers to students. If you have an interest in any of these areas, please contact us to discuss how we can collaborate.

If you have questions that are not answered by what we have posted, please email or call so that we may provide those answers here. Please let us know how we can make this site more effective for you.

In February of 2011, our region was surveyed about their health status and views on local organizations, including the Council. Here is the 2011 Community Survey Report.

Our Mission

The Yuba-Sutter Healthcare Council shall bring healthcare leaders and other stakeholders together to leverage community resources to encourage and promote a healthy region.

Our Vision

We are the healthiest region in California.

Our Values

The Yuba-Sutter Healthcare Council values ACCESS:
  • A Clean environment
  • Collaboration with Partners and Community Engagement
  • Compassion and Service to Others
  • Education and Advocacy
  • Supporting Greater Access through Provider Recruitment
  • Strategic Evaluation of Research and Trends for Continued Improvement

Duties and Functions of the Yuba-Sutter Healthcare Council

The Council shall:

  1. Identify and implement methods to ensure adequate financial support for local healthcare,
  2. Promote appropriate use of local health facilities to members of the community,
  3. Attract individuals and businesses to the community to fill identified healthcare needs, including workforce, services, and supplies,
  4. Promote training of new and established healthcare personnel,
  5. Speak with a unified voice in Sacramento on healthcare issues, and,
  6. Take no action in areas where Members compete.

The Yuba-Sutter Healthcare Council has adopted a series of principles that we believe should be applied to healthcare, many of which are not in place today. As such, they should be utilized in the ongoing healthcare reform discussion.

Basic Principles of the Yuba-Sutter Healthcare Council

The Yuba-Sutter Healthcare Council is dedicated to continuously improving the health of the residents in our region. The Council has identified a collection of basic principles which together serve as a foundation for optimizing the use of healthcare resources in pursuit of continuously improving local healthcare. The Council believes that each principle will be self-evident to rational individuals who identify democracy and capitalism as axiomatic in American society. However, individual principles taken out of the context of the whole, may not adequately represent the view of the Council. As a result, it is the Council's intention that all the principles be considered together as a unit in any healthcare policy discussion.

  1. Everyone now living will die someday

  2. Regardless of how much money we spend, we cannot change the first principle

  3. The goals of healthcare should be:
    • promote positive lifestyle choices
    • prevent preventable illness
    • screen for early treatable disease
    • promote effective therapy
    • provide comfort when treatment is not an option
    • allow people to die in a dignified and comfortable manner

  4. There is a fixed amount of money that can be spent upon healthcare, even if we choose for it to be 100% of GDP

  5. We must optimize our healthcare budget in support of the goals of healthcare

  6. Money collected for healthcare should maximally be spent on provision of effective healthcare services

  7. Every Californian should be able to access a minimum level of healthcare services

  8. No one should be precluded from paying for healthcare services that they choose to obtain in California

  9. Patients should have some responsibility for their healthcare choices, so long as they are legally competent

  10. Allocation of limited healthcare resources should be done in the most rational fashion that supports our goals

  11. No party may dictate to another party what they may charge for their services

  12. Sellers of services shall be paid by buyers (or payors) at the agreed upon rate or the seller's price when no agreement exists

  13. Buyers (or payors) who were forced to obtain services in an emergency which limited their ability to investigate other options may seek a neutral third party to negotiate a reduction in a seller's price at the Buyer's expense.

  14. Provider pricing should be transparent

  15. In recognition of the critical need for trained healthcare workers, some resources of the healthcare industry (insurers and providers) should be directed to support education and training for the development of the next generation workforce.

  16. To ensure that a healthcare system endures in perpetuity, there must be:
    • adequate financial resources to support education and training of the healthcare workforce
    • enough clinical positions open to enable trainees to complete their practical training
    • strong incentives to encourage those capable of becoming healthcare workers to apply to do so
adopted 20 July 2007

The purpose of these principles is to find common ground among groups with widely disparate goals. Patients want to receive the best care. Providers want to deliver the best care. Employers want to get the best employees at the lowest possible cost. Insurers want to maximize profit by limiting care in order to minimize their "medical losses".

Even among these four key stakeholder groups with four very different goals, it should be possible to first obtain consensus on the principles. From there, many of the policies which are needed will be more clear and effective and sustainable reform might then be possible.

Please spread the word.

You can download a printable copy here.
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